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About Hunter Capital, LLC Consulting

iStock_000016569621LargeHunter Capital is an independent and full service investment advisory firm structured to help manage the requirements and challenges that are specific to endowments, foundations and other non-profit institutions. Our clients are involved in many incredibly important areas such as housing, education, religion and healthcare to name a few.  Exceptional investment advice can be measured by how well the investments meet or exceed the long-term needs of the organization, not just with regard to absolute returns, but also by the stability of those investments and the risk exposure for that organization. Our efforts are focused on our philosophy that our success relies solely on that of our clients. 

At Hunter Capital, we seek to provide objective, accurate and timely information to attain your confidence in our efforts to maintain effective, long-term solutions. Our dedication to serving our clients demands that we address their specific needs, and therefore, we develop customized plans and strategies that address your individual concerns. We continually seek to expand our knowledge about the latest investment strategies and to increase our understanding of the specific issues that corporations and non-profit institutions face.

As independent consultants, we place the utmost regard on giving you unbiased information, solutions and strategies in a confidential, professional environment free of any conflicts of interest. Our reputation of investment excellence has stood the test of time and we are proud that our clients depend on us to help them navigate through today’s increasingly complex investment world.

Asset Allocation/Risk Management

The allocation and diversification of a portfolio often will include investments such as Stocks and Fixed Income investments.  In addition, we have found that including alternative investments not offered by Cetera tend to reduce the overall volatility (risk) of a portfolio and can enhance the performance over time.  We routinely include strategies where they are appropriate and allowed by the investment policy.

We tend to combine both active (managers) and passive (ETFs) investment strategies.  We have found that by pairing these strategies we can get the best of both worlds by reducing the overall cost structure and participating with excellent managers who have demonstrated the ability to meet and beat their individual index returns over time.

Our investment philosophy is focused on earning the highest possible returns within the confines of an acceptable level of risk. Our high performance record depends on building a customized, well-diversified and robust portfolio for our clients, always looking forward in our analysis, monitoring economic and market conditions, looking at a wide variety of options and keeping a keen eye on your risk tolerance.  At Hunter Capital, you receive world-class investment planning, consulting and financial management with local, personalized attention.

Consulting Services

  • Develop investment policy statements
  • Participation in board/investment committee meetings where applicable
  • Asset allocation studies
  • Investment manager searches and interviews where applicable
  • Independent performance reporting
  • Monthly statements
  • Manager monitoring
  • Custodial services provided as needed
  • Transition assistance for movement of assets between managers or custodians
  • Custom projects
  • Cash management services
  • Investment management services (where applicable)

Reporting Services

We seek to provide timely and unbiased reporting upon demand from our institutional and corporate partners.  We will provide custom reporting solutions for our clients at any interval that is requested.  Reports can include but are not limited to asset allocation, diversification, risk/return, return, investment policy adherence etc.

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